Garrick Enright


Our DM didn't stand a chance of not being a gamer. Legend has it he was born with the cold grey remote of an NES in his hands, (it was a complicated delivery). Years of video gaming lead him to a game that would come to shape his entire life, that game was Baldur's Gate. Countless middle school weekends and summers were lost to the world of Dungeon and Dragons, but it wasn't until after he'd graduated college that Garrick actually picked up a pen and paper and played D&D the right way.  One session as a player was all our DM had before he stepped up to run his own adventure, the one you listen to today. With a couple years under his belt - he and his friends knew it was time to let the world in on their passion. It was time to form The Indoorsmen. 

When not playing/writing/DM'ing D&D Garrick earns a living as a video producer, videograper, video editor, & motion graphics artist in Wichita, Kansas. You can check out some of his stuff on his website You can also hit him up on the squak-box via twitter @Garrick_Enright.

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Garrick Enright's Face

The Players

Bonita Coronado


Although she’s not a superhero currently, Bonita is pretty confident her X-Gene will activate any day now. When she’s not writing or filming amazing geeky content with her friends over at Nerd Barrage, Bonita can usually be found around a gaming table. Beer and board games top her list of favorite things and many an evening of casual gaming has turned into an early morning of intense competition.

A lowly office admin by day, Bonita injects her life with nerdy goodness at every opportunity. Working to stay current within the ever-expanding terrain of geekdom, she devours books, comics, movies, TV shows, and games of all variety. She strives to surround herself with incredible geeky folks that are constantly introducing her to new and wonderful things. As such, 2016 has marked the intro to her D&D obsession and she is never looking back!

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Caleb Miller


Not your traditional nerd, Caleb grew up in a very conservative home in Northern Indiana. Raised with only PBS on a 15 inch black and white, Caleb is oblivious to most pop culture references of his childhood, but does his best to cover this knowledge gap with volume, alcohol, and lying. 


Caleb developed a deep love for fantasy after reading LOTR and started in on scifi shortly after, hooked on the epic scale and limitless possibilities. He learned the joys of role playing while participating in improv groups and theater in both high school and college. Caleb actually started playing D&D at the same time and in the same game as Garrick, and, after a learning curve, has fallen in love with the creative outlet that is tabletop RPGs.


Currenty a nurse in the Saint Francis hospital cadio-thorasic surgery ICU, Caleb also dabbles in pottery, reading, video gaming, and has started in on miniature painting (though Garrick may be hesitant to say he's had a start at all).

Landon Barton


Wearing his nerdom on his sleeve, or rather on YouTube, Landon is part creator and host of The SaveState which is a website and YouTube channel all about nerd culture. He and friends (including Derek and Garrick) created it a few years back and have watched it steadily grow. 

Landon’s obsessions include PlayStation, Final Fantasy and Batman in no particular order. Art director and graphic designer by trade but nerd at heart he will try nearly anything in the nerd realm. Thus began his D&D journey. Always an archer. Don’t try to talk him out of it. He’s looking at you, DM. *cough* Team MagiTek *cough*


Find him on twitter: @LandonBarton

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Travis Euwer photo


Travis Euwer

Travis is an interesting person, who's interests and passions are far and wide. He grew up playing baseball and video games. After 14 years of baseball, video games and now tabletop games are what he still plays. Though his love for baseball and most sports is still very strong.


Travis graduated with a degree in Biology with hopes of becoming a zookeeper some day. His love of animals may be part of the reason why he loves pokemon as well. While being a pokemon master is a lot of work. Travis still has time to fan girl over his favorite actor Ryan Reynolds.

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Tony Swisher


For years Tony tried to be normal. Growing up among friends that liked sports, he too, tried to like them. So much so that he collected basketball cards, played outside (and actually liked it!), and even thought he would be a pro basketball player (True story). For years he tried to maintain that life until really cool shit came out. Nintendo started it all for his gaming life. And as new technology came out, the slope to gamer/nerd became steeper. Eventually, he plunged into the Sea of Nerdage. For years he tried to disown how much of a nerd he actually was, but the transformation was happening and he didn't even recognize it. The Basketball cards became Pokemon cards. Playing outside and exerting oneself sounded... less exciting. He thought, "Why go out in the dull drab outdoors when you can enjoy exciting worlds through video games, books, and movies?" From there, his life's hopes and dreams of being normal were over.


Tony's D&D experience is rather lackluster. Never finishing up any campaign (does anybody?) he has managed to dabble in it enough to at least understand the rules and concepts. Truly, Tony is a fan of Pathfinder. However, D&D is what started it all and he truly appreciates good stories and the creativity that the worlds of D&D and Pathfinder permit it's players to create/experience.


Surprisingly, Tony has managed to have some normalcy in his life (He's not happy about it). He resides in Wichita, KS and works as a Contract Negotiator where one of his main roles is ensuring the American Red Cross has lodging for their volunteers during disaster situations. 

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