#016 - Gods at War?

Having narrowly escaped a necropser, the flaming float boat throws our heroes overboard. Will they land safely? Why did Taman ditch the team? And what’s with the title? Find out!

Huge thanks to www.thesavestate.com for letting us use their audio equipment for this production! (facebook | twitter )

Holy cow what an insane Balor Miniature IronTusk Miniatures Painting sent us! Check out his awesome work, and let him know how awesome he is! ( Twitter )

I mean really. Look at this Balor he Painted!

Here is Gentry Loyalar, the Mysterious boy who tended to Jayce’s Taint.


“Epic” BenSound.

“War Hammer” Purple Planet Music.

The following are from Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 “Volatile Reaction” “Heroic Age” “Angevin B” “Right Behind You” “Creeping Death” “Virtutes Instrumenti” “Long Note Four” “Sacchrine Love Song” “Dreams Become Real”

#Crash #skillchallenge #fire #gentry

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