#019 - Uninvited Guests

Finally out of range of thrall and Rakshasa-our heroes and their new friend, Gentry, seek a warm welcome at home of the Six Sentinel. Will they find it? Or will the extremist cult turn its back on our Kraken Crew?

Huge thanks to www.BoomLibrary.com for allowing us access to its amazing library of sound effects! This week’s featured SFX collection is : Creatures Bundle.

A second huge thanks to www.SonicLiberty.com for providing all of the gorgeous music underscoring this episode.

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Music Credits: All songs used with permission from Sonic Liberty.com “Kingdom Pt.1” “Thief” “Inner Space” “High Leveled” “Burn Them All” “Infiltration” “Petrified” “Ancient Voices” “Tomb Invaders”

*footnote: Drowning a cat is a not a real perk.

#6sentinel #six #cult #thesix #earthquake

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