#021 - The Shyamalan

Gentry! You jerk! We just rescued Graves and you gone off and turned him into a thrall!? YOU’LL PAY FOR THAT!

Huge thanks to www.BoomLibrary.com for allowing us access to its amazing library of sound effects! This week’s featured SFX collection is : MAGIC

A second huge thanks to www.SonicLiberty.com for providing all of the gorgeous music underscoring this episode.

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Music Credits: All songs used with permission from Sonic Liberty.com “Kingdom Pt.1” “Thief” “Fado Para Amor Perdida” “Infiltration” “Petrified” “The Secret Chamber” “Cryptoplanets” “Through Blood” “Wild Forrest Creatures” “The Hunt For Flesh”

#Gentry #Graves #Thrall #Hannah #battle

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