#028 - Happy Ending?

Blood will be spilled as the survival rounds come to a close… but who’s blood is it? FIND OUT, RIGHT NOW!

Huge thanks to BOOM Library for allowing us access to its amazing library of sound effects! This week’s featured SFX collection is : CLOSE COMBAT

A second huge thanks to SonicLiberty.com for providing us all of the gorgeous music underscoring this episode.

And another thanks to The SaveState, it’s that website about everything you love in nerd culture. Without them none of this would be possible. Remember to be on the look out for new episodes every Thursday!

Music Credits: All songs used with permission from Sonic Liberty “Kingdom Pt.1” “Thief” “Showdown in the Air” “Superhuman” “Commander” “Cry of Life” “Tortuga Dreams” “No Trespassing” “All Hell Breaks Loose” “Francis’ Death” “Rising Forces” “Secrets of the Harp”


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