Episode 34 - A Tunnel Too Narrow

We're back from our unintentional hiatus! Thank you all so much for sticking with us, it means so much to us. This is the first episode we recorded with our new gear about 5 months apart from our last recording. If you notice any inconsistencies in the story that's totally our bad, that hiatus was kind of a pain in the memory.

Huge thanks to BOOM Library for allowing us access to its amazing library of sound effects! This week’s featured SFX collection is : DEBRIS

A second huge thanks to SonicLiberty.com for providing us all of the gorgeous music underscoring this episode.

Music Credits: All songs used with permission from Sonic Liberty “Kingdom Pt.1” “Thief” "Cybernatic Heist" "Modern Suspense" "Ghost Stories" "The Tunnel" "High Leveled" "Bada Ba Ba" "Ruff Ridaz" "Inscrutable Haze" "Scorched Earth" "The Transfer" "Koff" "Slow Motion"

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