Indoorsmen #037 - Clickity Clack Down the Track!

Will our heroes finally catch up to their new cleric and rescue her from the clutch of Agnes the demented cat lady? What will happen to all of the 'abominations"? And what is up with all the loud noises? Find out right now!

HUGE thank you to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for allowing us to use their Sound effects and music to score this podcast. All sounds in this episode were created by them! Massive thank you to Iron Tusk Miniatures Painting for sending us the demon cats that our fellers have been killing left and right, and this dope Agnes mini!

All music is used with permission from Sonic Liberty.

Music Used: Thief Live and Let Die The Gate Space Raiders Infiltration All Hell Breaks Loose Francis' Death The Hunt For Flesh Showdown In The Air The Wait Cornered Thrill Restless Chaser Ancient Voices Indifferent Lines

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