We Did a Dumb - Episode 37

Hey there fellow Indoorsmen. You know we're no strangers to messing up and most of the time we don't mind it... but this time I do. #SadDay

Some of you may have been pulling your hair out along side our players during the fight against Chairman Meow and Agnes. The 'slow' spell seemed a little OP, right? Turns out we did it wrong. The spell, slow, has a Wisdom Save at the end of each players round to negate the effects of the spell. That's a little goof up that could have made everything progress much faster! Oh well. At the end of the day no one died from our annoying oversight in the spell description, and we still had fun during the battle and that's what's important.

Thanks for listening to us! We can't wait to show you what's coming up next. It's going to be huge.



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