Episode #38 - Roxanne

Do the boys FINALLY get their cleric back? Does Old Lady Agnes get what's coming to her? Will we finally move on from this story arc? Find out, right now!

Special thanks to Boom Library.com for providing us with all the amazing sound effects we used to track this episode. Also, huge thanks to Sonic Liberty.com for allowing us to use their entire musical library to score our podcast. And check out these amazing miniatures Iron Tusk Miniatures Painting made for us! Agnes and her Demon Cats never looked so good!

All music used with permission by Sonic Liberty.com Music Used in this episode: Kingdom Thief Francis' Death Modern Suspense Waiting for the Door to Open Indifferent Lines For Your Sake Mesmerized Fado Para Amor Perdida Feel the Astonishment For Your Sake Elven Song Nights of Uncertainty Totally My Story to Tell Ready the Gears Commander Wild Forest Creatures Pure Determination

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