Episode 039 - Don't Go Jayce'n Waterfalls

How did Landon appreciate being played by Caleb? What is going to happen at the Brudur? And the will the brothers leave with the woman with the red tattoos? Find out, right now!

Special thanks to Boom Library.com and Sonic Liberty.com for allowing us to use all of their amazing sound effects and music to score The Indoorsmen. If you want your games, your films, you tabletop dungeon needs to sound as good as what you're about to hear, check out their websites!

All music used with permission from SonicLiberty.com Music Used: Kingdom Thief Koff The Innocent For Your Sake Artful Inn Steiner's Nocturne Fantastic Town Mozart Night Blown Cover Modern Suspense Cry of Life Blade Deep Fado Para Amor Perdida Indian Clouds Cannot Forget Ancient Voices Iraqi Children

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