The Indoorsmen #40 - Vertigo

What is next chapter in our heroes' tale?

Are the new guys cool?

Will Tony ever break his losing streak?

Find out, right now.

HUGE thank you to Boom and Sonic for allowing us to use their amazing sound effects and all of their music to produce these episodes. If you want your games, your movies, your tabletop dungeon needs to sound as good as what you just heard, and what you're about to hear, check'm out!

All music used with permission from Sonic Liberty. Featuring tracks: Kingdom Pt1 Thief At Nightfall Dark Ethnic Skyfire The Start of Something Light Ambience Restless Journey Adventure Starts We Overcame Deserted Village Sorrowful Kind Here They Are Showdown In The Air Platinum Steel Tortuga Dreams Army of Shades To New Shores Devotion & Honor

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