Haseid's Evolution

Knocked out in the very first episode, permanently disfigured and blinded by acid, thrown off of an airship, smashed by a gigantic sludge worm, and repeatedly targeted time and time again, Haseid is easily one of our strongest characters in his endurance alone. His ability to control a situation and the field of combat have made him indispensable in the the Kraken Crew. But, the time fighting along side his fellow heroes has definitely taken its toll, he doesn't seem to be as happy go-lucky as he used to be let's take a look at how he has changed physically from this adventure in the slide show below.

His disfigurement caused him to suffer when dealing with people while his maimed face was visible. His solution was to hide behind a mask. Unfortunately, or coincidentally, Haseid started to grow more insular and stopped being as gregarious as he once was.

We'll talk about the pros and cons of lasting injuries in a future blog entry, but until then here's a look at this character sheet.

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