Episode 46 - Sedimentary Dear Watson

Our adventurers face quickly become their own enemies as this start to get 2 spooky 4 me.

Thanks to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for allowing us to use their amazing music and sound effects to score this podcast!

Here's a look at the battle map we're using. The boiling river is on the left where the players entered. They made their way to the plunge pool in the first room then took a right and snaked their way though the narrow passage where they were ambushed by the first basilisk (as represented by the little bear figure). Then, climbed the hole above the sarcophagus and founds themselves in the small room with the (X) drawn on it. This is a new style of map I'm trying out. We called it "fog of war," basically like a video game where you only see as much of the map as your character would. Typically I will just draw the whole map but I figured this would be a cooler idea and hopefully make the players feel like they're really exploring a cavern.

This map was created by Miska Fredman. Check out his work


All music used with permission from Sonic Liberty.

Music Used: Thief Base Layer Weeping Willow Animal Transformation Dull Sorrowful Kind Modern Suspense The Wait The Reckoning Commander Space Music Restless Journey

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