Episode 48 - Colm Out & Play

When we last left our adventurers they'd just slain the tyrant of the spire at a grave cost, Nerine, cleric of Serelia, was slain. Will our adventurers return with their heads held high, or will losing a close comrade break their spirits? Find out, right now.

Special thanks to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for allowing us to use their amazing Sound Effects and Music to score this episode. Their product really separates The Indoorsmen from all other D&D podcasts and we are truly thankful.

All music used with permission from Sonic Liberty. Music Used:

Kingdom Pt. 1

Blankets Resurrection


The Mothership

Artful Inn

Sweet Melody

Weeping Willow

Dark Ethnic



Lost and Forgotten

Elven Song

Fado Para Amor Perdida

Endless Lines

Bach Guitar


Adventure Starts

Modern Suspense

Skull Island

Twisting Spheres

Nights of Uncertainty

High Tension

Burn Them All

My Story to Tell

Land of Beauty


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