Episode #49 - Island Assault Pt. 1

When we last left our adventurers they'd finally taken the fight to the Rakshasa on the island floating over the town of Coraloch and Colm Haven. Will the be bale to defeat 36 thrall? Find out, right now! Thanks to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for letting us use their amazing sound effects and music to score our podcast. They truly elevate us to a level no other podcast has reached.

All music used with permission from Sonic Liberty Music Used: Thief Permission to Die The Cemetery Twisting Spheres Discouraged Valid Data Rising Forces Stone Runner Wild Forest Creatures Blue Sky Facing the Enemy To New Shores Through Blood Cornered Thrill Take Action Carcass Ready the Gears Commander Cryptoplanets Crushing Sensation Francis' Death Ancient Prophecies Skull Island Sweet Melody

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