Episode #52 - Comet Get Some

When we last left our adventurers they had just taken out the female Rakshasa known as Vatangari but not before she had time to sabotage the island sending it hurtling down to crush Coraloch and Colmhaven below. Haseid crawled into a manual override hatch knowing full well that it may be his death... find out what happens ... right now!

Massive thank you to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for letting us use their amazing sound effects and fantastic musical library to score this podcast. It's a gift that truly sets us apart from the rest.

All songs were used with permission from Sonic Liberty. Music Used: Thief So I Can Do Right By Someone Else Feel it Fado Para Amor Perdida Sweet Melody The Valley Among Strangers Crushing Sensation Dark Ocean Cannot Forget Modern Suspense Scorched Earth Twisting Spheres Brick In Awe Live and Let Die Ancient Prophecies Scarytale Two-way Triumph Beautiful Morning Villages of the South The Innocent Minimum tense

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