Episode #53 - Doesn't Ada Up

When we last left our adventurers they had just come to terms with the death of their bardic friend, Haseid; when they discovered a pale blue, naked body, below deck that looks very similar to their departed friend.

Thank you to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for allowing us to use their amazing sound effects and music in our podcast!

All music is property of Sonic Liberty and was used with permissions Music Used: Thief Stealth In Bondage Strange Island Devotion & Honor Fado Para Amor Perdida From Mumbai to Kolkata Mesmerized Casts and Spells Scorched Earth Disarmed High Tension Spinning Combat Mission Alphy Heroic Darkness Heroic Theme All Hell Breaks Loose Bada Ba Baa Restless Chaser So I Can Do Right By Someone Else Fate of Victory Blankets Resurrection

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