Episode #054 - Don't Go Gentry into the Night

When we last left our adventurers they had rammed their airship into Gentry's, the double crossing Eakshasa who lead the slaughter at the Six Sentinel, in an attempt to slay him and rescue their dwarven contact. Will they survive the fight? Is Mordak Baleful still alive? FIND OUT!

We will be going on a hiatus for the rest of the month to pay some bills :) Thanks for hanging in there, fellow indoorsmen!

Thank you SO MUCH to Boom Library and Sonic Liberty for allowing us to use their amazing sound effects and music to score our podcast. We are truly grateful to have their backing.

All music is property of Sonic Liberty and is used with permission. Music Used: Kingdom Pt. 1 Thief Dark Waters Endless Lines Skull Island Misty Paths Platinum Steel Mission Alphy Vocal Black Mass Grenade City Limits Bada Ba Ba High Tension Twisting Spheres Nights of Uncertainty The Hunt for Flesh Vocal Cornered Souls Modern Suspense Blankets Ressurection Cryptoplanets Ancient Prophecies So I Can Do Right By Someone Else Acoustic Upturn Endless Lines Strange Island Exploring the Dungeons Dark Waters Among Strangers Infiltration The Wait

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